Android Repairs

We understand when your android phone needs repair, it can throw you into a frenzy. From your contacts and appointments, to your documents and playlists, your phone is a crucial part of your life. Whether your android phone needs a screen repair, battery replacement, or has been affected by water damage, we have the parts, skills and experience to get the repair done quickly and for an affordable price.

Call on the experienced cell phone technicians at Dr, Fix a Phone to solve your cell phone problems. When you need cell phone LCD repair, or any other kind of cell phone repair, call us.

Our technicians are ready to address the following common issues:

Physical Damage
Phone is broken into pieces
Phone was mangled in an accident or dropped
Cell phone case or protective screen is cracked
Sound Issues
Connectivity Issues
Keys are not working
Keys are pressing on their own
Charging/Power Problems
Charging port is broken
Pins are bent in the charging port
Charging port came loose
Phone won’t hold charge
Phone won’t charge
No power

Android Common Repairs

Our Dedicated Team Of Repair Experts Are Always Available To Get Your Android Phone Working Like Brand New

Front Glass Repair

Back Glass Repair

Charging Port Replacement

Speaker Replacement

Camera Replacement

Battery Replacement

Why Our Customers Love Us


With us, you are guaranteed a professional, original quality repair. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


We strive to get your device back to its original condition in the shortest amount of time possible, without sacrificing quality.


We know price is a big factor in your decision to repair your device. We are fair in our pricing and stay competitive with the local market.


Our technicians love what they do. They have been servicing devices for years & have disassembly, diagnostic, replacement and reassembly down to a science.

Best Repair Service

What Our Customers Are Saying

Michael Belcher
Michael Belcher
Play several times to have his phones repaired, and I have had nothing but excellent experiences. They were thorough, transparent, and great at what they did. There was even a time where my phone had an issue where a screw had come loose in the phone case itself was coming off and it was fixed without any charge. The work that they do is excellent and any time that I have trouble with my phone. I will take it here.
Cassandra Brown
Cassandra Brown
Really great experience and the gentleman that works there is very kind, professional, upfront and does amazing time management. I recommend everyone that need there phone fixed should go there and pricing is very pleasant.
Casey Marie Goodale
Casey Marie Goodale
Had a great experience. I brought my daughters iPad there on Thursday , he said to pick it up Friday but I explained I really needed it back the same day since we were leaving for vacation the next day. He worked his magic and had it back to me within a few hours. He was personable, knowledgeable and fairly priced. Would definitely recommend!
James Collins
James Collins
Great place, very polite and professional. Got my iphone screen replaced in under an hour for a reasonable price. Came back next week for laptop repairs, diagnosed and fixed the issue near immediately. 5 stars well deserved.
jayden ribeiro
jayden ribeiro
Fast and Good customer service
Fxnesse Fxnest
Fxnesse Fxnest
Didnt charge to much and very respectful an well trained💯🤙🏽
Chris Coniglio
Chris Coniglio
Luis is awesome. He is transparent about the cost of fixing a phone/tablet and whether it’s worth it. He does a great job and has your phone/tablet back quickly and in good working order. No need to go anywhere else.
Tony Starxx
Tony Starxx
Great service.The owner is extremely knowledgeable at what he does and very friendly. Definitely recommended as the #1 go to electronic repair shop.5 star review all around
Katie Syrek
Katie Syrek
This guy is very helpful and honest and has helped us many times with our devices. Absolutely recommend him to anyone and everyone
I’ve got 6 lines on my family plan, all iPhones plus 2 iPads that are 3rd & 4th generation. I’ve had to repair 3 of the phones, and 1 of the iPads with new screens and also one of the phones required a special repair that he was able to do in-house. Over the past 2 years Dr. Fixaphone has brought every one of our devices back to life, even the latest issue with my stepsons phone which the screen went blank. The owner is so knowledgeable with these devices that he diagnosed the issue that day and ordered the part and we had his phone back fully operating 2 days later. Any issues with your Apple devices, go see Dr. Fixaphone before going to the Apple Store!!