Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair

Call on the experienced cell phone technicians at Dr, Fix a Phone to solve your cell phone problems. When you need cell phone LCD repair, or any other kind of cell phone repair, call us.

Features of the Services

Our technicians are ready to address the following common issues:

  • Physical Damage
  • Phone is broken into pieces
  • Phone was mangled in an accident or dropped
  • Cell phone case or protective screen is cracked
  • Sound Issues
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Keys are not working
  • Keys are pressing on their own
  • Charging/Power Problems
  • Charging port is broken
  • Pins are bent in the charging port
  • Charging port came loose
  • Phone won’t hold charge
  • Phone won’t charge
  • No power

Dr Fixaphone is a client-centered company, that is, we design our portfolio of services with the clients in mind. Such an ethos guides us to develop and eventually expand these services in the future. Currently, we offer home and business services.

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